10 films about life in college

Are you bored of seeing movies for adults ?, dramas that portray the world of work, marriage and life with children ?, Then pay attention to this list of recommendations rescued from movie2k, a ranking of youth filled sex comedies, parties and university madness that definitely make you forget you have to mature. If you are a student , surely you will identify with one or two of these tapes, a fine selection we can enjoy today thanks to the most popular streaming on the planet, which is already rivaling HBO and Hollywood as the brand most recognized modern entertainment.

1. Animal House

We start with the 1978 classic, perhaps the film that started it all in the United States with regard to college comedies, it contains all the cliches of his later copies. Animal House, is starring the great comedian John Belushi, also known for his work on Saturday Night Live, who plays John Blutarsky, Cartman typical fat leaving the% & * @ $ in college with his friends.

2. American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

We traveled to 2006 for the fifth installment of this franchise, perhaps in these years and a bit worn, but despite having only one or two of the actors from the first delivery and force the story so absurd, at least in this past gives us a good light comedy to laugh. The film tells the story of Erik Stifler, the cousin of Steve Stifler known, and which bears little or no similarity, because unlike your family, this is a total bigot.

3. Damsels in Distress

If you want the something a little more subtle, intelligent and emotional, I recommend this film 2012, translated into English Damsels in Distress, a curious story of a group of college girls in charge of the prevention center for suicide of the institution, work that he will try loving luck with not so attractive guys, but with potential to be better people

4. Van Wilder, a wild party

From the creators of the first entry in this list (Animal House) comes this sort of contemporary rehabilitation of the genre, another satire of American student life, and that tells the story of Van Wilder, a university eternal that never ends his studies. Perhaps one of the first roles of comedy with Ryan Reynolds won worldwide fame, and who now will next be seen in another comedy, but superhero: Deadpool.

5. Writing of love

If we get more exquisite, perhaps this romantic drama between a teacher and his student achieve your attention, film starring Hugh Grant, a Hollywood screenwriter who after winning the Oscar 15 years ago, becomes an unemployed writer and a disbeliever of life, a situation that forces him to teach at the university to pay the bills, where they eventually fall in love with one of his students.

6. Surviving graduation

Also translated as life after college or Post Grad, this 2009 putlocker film tells us what happens right in the period between your degree, practice and start working life, from the perspective of Ryden Malby, played by actress Alexis Bedel, whom we will see again and again postulating their dream jobs without success, a perfect story itself and are ending this process.

7. Porky’s

Another classic is the 1982 film, the precursor also of American Pie and others on this list, and tells the story of a group of young people from Florida in conservative 50s in the United States who leave their Institute for once and for all lose their virginity, a feat they think can be achieved in the nightclub Porky’s, where the owner denied step, beginning a series of misadventures.

8. Monsters University

The plot revolves years before the first film (Monsters, Inc.), when its main characters still not known and come to college, funny twist where besides seeing Mike and younger Sulley, we see the classic problems of early years of college; knowing your peers, approving materials, bouquets, hold teachers and get yourself out with honors, things we’ve all seen and we can see reflected in this film available on Netflix and Putlocker Movies, a good card if you want some animation .

9. Revenge of the Nerds

Also translated as The Revenge of the Nerds, it is another of those classics in which we see where they get the ideas for current genre films, specifically this 1984, the first installment of several consequences that would follow, and that is attempts a group of nerds who intend to found his own fraternity and revenge for all the humiliations perpetrated by members of Alfa-Beta, the most popular of all.

10. Old School

And finally, this 2003 film, also translated Those old days, starring another outgoing comedian of Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, this time accompanied by Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn, three old men who start a fraternity full of misfits that it will remember the celebrations of the past and accept the present and thus to finally enjoy adulthood.

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